Goldberg Brothers announces four new products

LITTLETON, Colo. – Barn door hardware manufacturer Goldberg Brothers Inc. has rolled out four new products recently: flattop roller hangers, bypass installation kits for its mid-level barn door hardware line, decorative dummy hardware sets, and aluminum house number signs.

“We are always looking for ways to add value to our existing products and to expand our offerings,” said Goldberg Brothers president John Golesh. “We think these new items will appeal to our current customers as well as those who are just learning about us,” he said.

The new flattop roller hanger design provides an alternative to the company’s flagship Standard Series J-style hangers. The curved portion of the steel straps have been squared off for a more modern look. Flattop hangers are available in both strap and top-mount configurations and can be purchased in hardware sets or individually. J-style hangers on previously installed doors can be substituted with the new flattop hangers because the product dimensions are identical, except for the squared top.

The new MP bypass kit is a set of steel brackets that allow two MP Series tracks to be mounted over a single opening. This allows two identical doors to be mounted together in a stacked configuration. “We’ve offered similar products in our Standard Series and Shutter Series for years,” said Golesh. “This new kit allows for more installation options with our medium-duty MP Series hardware. It’s ideal for interior doors in hotel rooms, apartments, and condos,” he said.

The company’s new dummy series hardware kits look like conventional barn door hardware, but they are for decorative purposes only. The exterior kits can be used to make window shutters look like barn doors. They are already being used by home builders as an alternative to traditional shutter hinges. The interior kits can be used to mount artwork, photos, mirrors, and similar items to walls. “Our interior dummy hardware offers a fun alternative to picture frames,” said Golesh. “It allows you to add the barn door look to your home even if you don’t have a barn door.”

Goldberg’s new house number signs are designed with home builders in mind. The weather-resistant aluminum signs with raised numbers are available in four color combinations. They can be ordered in large quantities for use in apartment complexes and tract housing developments.
Information about all these new products is available online at: