Shutter Series Hardware Sets

Our Shutter Series barn door hardware was originally designed for interior window coverings, but it can do so much more. Use it to add style and functionality to kitchen cabinets, pantry doors, entertainment centers, and bathroom or workshop cabinets.

Hardware Sets are available with or without track, so that you can combine sets and hang more than one panel on a single track. Our bypass adapter kits allow for even more creative installation options.

entertainment center cabinet with goldberg Brothers Shutter Series barn door hardware
Goldberg Brothers Shutter Series barn door hardware components

• Adjustable panel thickness for ³⁄₄, ⁷⁄₈, 1, and 1¹⁄₈ all in the same kit
• Two sets of lag bolts for either wall mounting or cabinet frame mounting
• 75 lb maximum weight load
• 2 DuPont™ Delrin® silent rollers
• ³⁄₁₆ x 1¹⁄₄ track
• 1¹⁄₄ x 7 x ¹⁄₈ strap hangers
• Adjustable wall-mount bottom guide
• 3” flush pulls and 4” pull handles available
• Single packaging sized by track length: 18 up to 72 and every 6 in-between
• Available in 16 powder coat colors and raw steel
• Straight strap or top mount hanger sets available
• Bypass adapter kit available

Available Powder Coat Colors

color sample chart of 17 available colors of Goldberg Brothers barn door hardware


• Due to variations in printers and display screens, all color representations above are approximate.  Color sample cards are available. See your Goldberg Brothers retail dealer.

• Raw steel does not have a protective coating. Rusting will occur.

• PC Chrome is a powder coat finish with a glossy, chrome-like appearance. It is not chrome plating.

• Steel components used with Matte Black Texture and Bronze Texture may have minor surface blemishes acquired during the manufacturing process. These superficial variations will be hidden by the powder coating and do not affect product performance.