Limited Lifetime Warranty

Goldberg Brothers warrants the functionality of its barn door hardware sets and tracks with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for defective parts under normal installation and use. Warranty is subject to repair or replacement of defective components at manufacturer’s discretion and does not include installation costs.

This warranty does not apply to the cosmetic condition of any products or components. Goldberg Brothers barn door hardware is sold as a rustic finished hardware and may develop scratches or other signs of wear during manufacturing or normal installation and use. Further, Goldberg Brothers does not warrant against any cosmetic imperfections in the steel parts that may be seen through the finish.

Certain accessories including but not limited to felt strips, rubber bumper bands, and Soft Stop motion buffer mechanisms have finite expected lifetimes due to wear and loss of tension or resilience during normal use over an extended period. Except for manufacturing defects that become apparent within 1 year of purchase, these accessories are not covered under this limited lifetime warranty. Replacement accessories may be purchased as needed from Goldberg Brothers retailers.

Except for stainless steel components, Goldberg Brothers barn door hardware products are not warranted against rust. Some rusting is possible on any raw steel or powder coated steel hardware installed outdoors or anywhere else that it may be exposed to high humidity, rain, snow, or running water.

This warranty does not include loss or defects caused by elements outside the control of Goldberg Brothers, Inc., such as natural disasters, weather, fire, water leakage, abuse, improper installation, or anything else deemed out of the control of Goldberg Brothers, Inc.

Goldberg Brothers, Inc.
Effective September 1, 2019

Please note: LEEV™ products carry a limited 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. See the full warranty and disclaimers here.