Goldberg Brothers ships new folding barn door hardware

LITTLETON, Colo. (July 18, 2019) – Barn door hardware manufacturer Goldberg Brothers Inc. has announced it has begun shipping its new Barnfold Series product line. According to the company, the new barn door hardware sets represent a hybrid of both sliding and folding door technology.

“You get the style and durability of our traditional barn door hardware with the further space savings of a bifolding door setup,” said Goldberg Brothers president John Golesh. “It allows homeowners and builders to mount barn doors on closets, pantries, laundry nooks and anywhere else that there is inadequate wall space for a long track,” he said. “Because it needs so little wall space, we think Barnfold is an ideal product for new apartment construction.”

Goldberg Brothers has introduced its new Barnfold barn door hardware that does not require a long track extending to one side. (photo credit: Goldberg Brothers, Inc.)

At first glance, the Barnfold system looks like ordinary barn door hardware, with a slightly oversized door suspended on wheeled hangers that roll on a steel track mounted above the opening. But unlike a conventional barn door system, the door does not slide along a track that is twice as long as the width of the opening.  Instead, the track runs only slightly longer than the width of the door frame, and a pair of hinged door panels fold together as one of the two hangers slides across the opening. 

“The key element of our Barnfold system is the swiveling motion of the two hangers,” said Goldberg Brothers production manager Grant Golesh.  “We have been developing and perfecting the design for more than three years, to make sure our Barnfold hardware sets offer the reliable operation that customers expect from the Goldberg Brothers brand,” he said.

Goldberg Brothers Barnfold hardware provides the style of traditional barn door hardware in an even more space-saving configuration. (photo credit: Goldberg Brothers, Inc.)

Unlike ordinary bifolding closet doors, the Barnfold track mounts outside of the door frame and does not require a floor guide to keep the door in proper alignment as it moves. The result is that the full clearance of the door frame is available, with the folded door panels taking up no more than about five inches of adjacent wall space.   John Golesh said this allows for more easily moving large items such as washer and dryer pair in and out of a laundry closet.

Barnfold hardware sets are available in both 2-door and 4-door configurations in a wide range of track lengths and powder coat colors. Further information about Barnfold products is available online at:

About Goldberg Brothers

Established in Denver, Colorado, in 1897 as a family-owned tinsmith shop, Goldberg Brothers has been known for such diverse products as motion picture film reels, household hardware, fishing reels and camp stoves. The company began building steel barn door hardware for home and business interiors with the launch of its Standard Series hardware sets in 2012. It has since expanded its offering to seven major styles of barn door hardware and a variety of accessories. Goldberg Brothers products are available from approximately 2,000 building supply stores and millwork companies across the United States and Canada. The company employs more than 20 workers at its factory in Littleton, Colorado. Further information is available online at and

Goldberg Brothers Wagon Wheel Barn Door Hardware Featured at International Builders’ Show

LITTLETON, Colo. (February 28, 2019) — Simpson Door Company featured Goldberg Brothers wagon wheel barn door hardware in their trade show booth at the 2019 International Builders Show, held Feb. 19-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Simpson’s “Monster Doors” display included Goldberg Brothers’ award-winning Standard Series barn door hardware, and the new Wagon Wheel roller hangers. The Goldberg Brothers products can be seen in Simpson’s video blog recorded at the event, on YouTube at

In its 75th year, the International Builders’ Show is the major yearly event of the National Association of Home Builders and is always scheduled concurrently with the NKBA’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. The combined event billed “Design & Construction Week” draws more than 80,000 building industry professionals from all over the world.

Goldberg Brothers barn door hardware was awarded “Best Window and Door Product” at IBS in 2014.

First year in relocated Goldberg Brothers factory sparks new barn door hardware offerings

Goldberg Brothers now offers wagon wheel barn door hardware sets and Barn Door Edge Wrap kits.LITTLETON, Colo. (December 11, 2018) — As Goldberg Brothers marks the first anniversary of its relocation to the southwest Denver metro area this month, the 121-year-old company can look back on a year that brought many changes and innovations for the barn door hardware manufacturer.

“The key to our success over the past year has been the renovation of our new building to best suit our manufacturing needs,” said Goldberg Brothers president John Golesh. “Our previous factory had been designed around our film reel products. We needed a facility more fully dedicated to making barn door hardware.” Golesh said this customization has resulted in greater operating efficiency, which has allowed the company to expand its product offerings.

The cornerstone of the relocated factory is a state-of-the art powder coating line from Midwest Finishing Systems that allows for faster and more energy-efficient manufacturing. Since its installation, Goldberg Brothers has been able to increase the available colors of its barn door hardware products from 10 finishes to 16, including a pair of textured colors that the company offers at reduced prices.

A second breakthrough this year was the introduction of Barn Door Edge Wrap, a do-it-yourself kit that allows anyone to custom-build a barn door from almost any kind of wood, such as shiplap or even reclaimed barn wood. The kit consists of a set of four steel channels that form a rectangular frame around the building material of choice. “Our Barn Door Edge Wrap system reduces the cost of a custom-made barn door to a fraction of what you would pay for a pre-built one,” said Golesh. “And it doesn’t require a lot of skill or tools to make a great-looking barn door in one afternoon,” he said.

Goldberg Brothers has also expanded its barn door hardware offerings this year with the new Hidden Roller Series product line. This innovative design allows the rollers and track to be mounted behind the door instead of above it. The result is a clean, minimalist look with the roller hangers and half of the track hidden from view. Goldberg Brothers has also expanded its flagship Standard Series product line with two hardware sets featuring 6-inch diameter wagon wheel hangers for a more rustic, traditional look.

Finally, Goldberg Brothers has been able to increase the availability of its MClad® cabinet facing products. The line of steel cabinet panel covers introduced on a limited basis last year can be used to rejuvenate the appearance of wooden cabinet doors and drawer faces in kitchens, workshops, and office buildings.

Established in Denver, Colorado, in 1897 as a family-owned tinsmith shop, Goldberg Brothers is best known for manufacturing motion picture film reels and movie theater projection ports. The company began building steel barn door hardware for interior sliding doors in 2012. More than 20 employees work at its Reel Factory building in the Ken-Caryl Business Center in Littleton, Colorado. Further information and product photos are available at and